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Digital Workbook


Decisions can be misshaped by failures, regrets, trauma, betrayals, and old habits. Whenever a decision fails, self-trust is further compromised. Channeling our character traits to strengthen our trust and decisions will provide the stabilizing force needed when we feel shaken by pain and fear. Included in this roadmap are components such as motives and motivations that influence the bend of character. Walking that path means using mindfulness to quiet the noise as you move toward clarity.  Cumulatively, this roadmap will assist in engaging our essence.


Workbook Strategies for:

  • Defining and deepening character consistency

  • Facing pain and fear

  • Working with motivation

  • Refining motives

  • Exploring who we are and who we can become

  • Connecting self-trust and decision-making with wisdom

  • Challenging self-doubt

  • Mindfulness

  • Developing disciplined habits

  • Learning patience and pausing

  • Practicing the skill of responding

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