We tend to spend more time at work than we do at home. Our environment has a tremendous influence on well-being and how we respond to that environment measures the stressors that impact us. It is spirit of accountability that we present our intent. Thus, although our workshops do address workplace health, it is connected to individual wellness. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your company and leave it a healthier space than before we came to serve your needs.



PARAGON THERAPEUTIC SERVICES provides a range of services designed to help organizations foster the dynamic environment that is dependent on staff morale, motivation, purpose, and progress. Teams produce according to the health of the unit; which is measured by efficiency, teamwork, and trust. To prepare against challenges, we teach premortem planning to offset future problems. 

PARAGON’S WORKPLACE WELLNESS WORKSHOPS will help connect avenues that will better handle disturbances such as conflict, gossip, and other obstacles that compromise productivity and creativity. By learning about others, we learn even more about ourselves. Conflict brings out who we are; what we need to refine in our character and how we want to respond. The risk of ignoring the details that cause tension and stress will only sabotage individual growth, professional ambitions and the success of the overall department and even company.

PARAGON’S PRESENTATIONS revolve around the direction in which we use our power. We are interested in the power of for and not against. Meaning the potential of each individual must be designed to address and remove character defects that cause struggles (i.e., against you), and focus on strengthening character assets that will help and not hurt you (i.e., for you). Even conflictual relationships where one party is unmoving can be used to perfect your character versus changing theirs. Cumulatively, this will lessen stress and add more benefits to bettering oneself; which will, in turn, change others through example.



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